Hotels Bom Jesus, Braga Portugal

The best way to visit the city of Braga is by staying at its majestic Hotéis do Bom Jesus. Representing the strong charisma and essence of this Minho Region city, the Hotéis do Bom Jesus present guests with a desirable location, nature-orientated environment and the utmost in quality and services.

There are four hotels to choose from - Hotel do Parque, Hotel do Elevador, Hotel do Templo and Hotel do Lago. You can be sure that all of these options will immediately surpass your highest expectations.

Enriched with a range of amazing features, such as a prestigious regional cuisine restaurant, glamorous Spa and Health centre, comfortable accommodation, romantic architecture and breathtaking views, these hilltop hotels are definitely dream-like destinations.

The region is known for its internationally esteemed pilgrimage site, the Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary, as well as its one-of-a-kind traditional and exquisite Vinho Verde and beautiful historic ruins. You will find that the characteristics of Braga are reflected in these fantastic hotels.

Situated upon the famous hilltop where the Bom Jesus Natural Park rests and not far from the city’s centre, the charming Bom Jesus Hotels await their guests. To fully experience the pleasures and relaxation that Braga boasts, make sure that you indulge in all that the Bom Jesus Hotels have to offer for a holiday experience you will never forget.

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