Hotel do Elevador Braga

Tucked away on a hilltop amongst the beautiful gardens of the Bom Jesus Natural Park, you will find the memorable Hotel do Elevador.

Named after its antique 19th century water-powered funicular that even today continues to ride into Braga’s city centre, the Hotel do Elevador is proud to carry on the prestigious reputation associated to this landmark.

Surrounded by the pretty gardens that naturally embellish the park site, the powerful Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary and its elevator, this intimate location set near Braga’s historical centre is definitely an ideal place for a holiday getaway.

Aside from the baroque inspired architecture and the great rooms and suites that this 4-star hotel possesses, the Hotel do Elevador also integrates the Panoramic Restaurant - a highly esteemed regional cuisine reference. By exploring the Spa and Health Club set nearby, as well as a number of leisure options and sightseeing possibilities, you can be sure to make the best out of this experience.

Providing you with a unique atmosphere, the Hotel do Elevador proves that the maintenance of tradition, as well as historical sites such as the Bom Jesus Natural Park, lay in the hands of those who know how to value its beauty.


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