Group vacations at the Hotel do Lago, Braga

While spending a holiday at the Hotel do Lago, there are a number of interesting and fun leisure options groups may enjoy.

Set in the Bom Jesus Natural Park, groups should definitely take advantage of this fine location and explore its most secluded areas. Seeing that this hotel lies near the picturesque Bom Jesus Lake, be sure to spend a moment on this serene lake canoeing. Other outdoor options for groups include walks throughout the park, bicycle riding (bike rental upon payment) and even horseback riding - great suggestions to enjoy this unique place.

For special leisure events, the Colunata Eventos building is set just a few steps away from the Hotel do Lago and is without a doubt a luxurious offer provided for guests. Ideal for weddings and large events, the amazing architectural structure (recently renovated), a sophisticated decor and the classy air of this site won’t fail to impress you.

In this building three main rooms are set for varying situations, such as the Casino Room, Torre Room and the Colunata Room. All of these hold different capacities and are appropriate for all sorts of events from cocktails to banquets, to receptions and business related leisure occasions.

The glamorous gardens and pretty flowers that embellish this park, as well as the romantic passageways and their picturesque character, compose a setting that is ideal for special events - fabulous for a memorable outdoor wedding or reception.

For groups interested in getting to know Braga’s history and its most important monuments and landmarks, sightseeing assistance may also be arranged. With so many beautiful sites to observe in this city, be sure to grasp all of the entertaining possibilities set for you while staying at the Hotel do Lago.


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