Hotel do Lago, Bom Jesus Natural Park, Braga, Minho Region

GPS Coordinates: Latitude 41º 33' 16'' N Longitude 8º 22' 27'' W

Set within the charming Minho Region, Braga is the city that holds the exquisite Hotel do Lago. Although set upon the famous Bom Jesus Natural Park hilltop, its proximity to Braga’s city’s centre is the perfect distance for guests who enjoy just the right balance whenever travelling.

Centred in the Bom Jesus Natural Park, all visitors will certainly enjoy the privileged location and beautiful surroundings of the Hotel do Lago. For those staying at this hotel, one of the greatest advantages is being just a few steps away from one of Braga’s most highly recognised monuments and visited pilgrimage sites by travellers all over. The beautiful Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary awaits travellers at the top of a zigzagging stairway. This 19th Century architectural masterpiece holds a very strong interpretation of the Condemnation of Christ and possesses a calming atmosphere that will certainly spark the interest of it's visitors, religious or not.

Nevertheless, Braga’s historical centre is a must while in this city and is an attractive place to be appreciated by new visitors due to its architecture and dominant historical background. Filled with majestic monuments and landmarks, museums, gardens and a true picture of the population’s day-to-day life, your eyes and curiosity will surely be satisfied while wandering the streets of this special place.

Marking the centre of town is the Praça da República, the main square in this historical area. Here is where the majority of locals may be found, as well as on the Rua Diogo de Sousa, a street recognised for its busy commerce and shops. Travellers may notice a wide range of stores selling religious artefacts. This business is held by a number of stores and truly demonstrates the tight connection that this population has with religion.
In this area several regional restaurants and coffee shops can also be spotted. Two notable destinations are the Astoria Café and the Viana Café, set right within the Praça da República square.

Travellers can enjoy a world of sightseeing whenever in Braga. With a variety of historical vestiges, weather monuments, churches or even discrete Roman fountains, so many interesting sites await your discovery.

The Sé de Braga Cathedral, considered to be one of the oldest historical vestiges left in this city, along with its Sacred Arts Museum, is without a doubt an inspiring monument to be valued. The Tibaes Monastery and the Biscainhos Palace, together with its pretty gardens and museum are just a few of the fabulous landmarks that belong to this city. The Porta Nova Arch, an arch that welcomes you into the city and Roman fountains, are discrete elements that contribute to this enchanting experience.

Still, with so much to see and so much to do, trying this region’s gastronomy is understanding the tradition and influences this city underwent through time. Notable for its distinguished traditional meals in all of Portugal, as well as this region’s esteemed Vinho Verde, you will surely be impressed immediately after your first bite.

Public transportation may be easily accessed in this area of the city. The closest airport is the Francisco Sá Carneiro airport in Porto.


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