Meeting Venue in Braga

All meeting venues may be organised at the Hotel do Parque. Offering delegates two different rooms with a number of seating arrangements according to dimension and delegate capacity, you can be sure that this is the perfect place to experience successful corporate meetings.

The Bom Jesus Room has 120 square metres of space and may be rearranged in various seating styles such as the conference style, classroom style and U style. This meeting room has the capacity to hold up to 150 delegates. This meeting room may also be used for both cocktails and banquets.

The Jardim Room is slightly smaller than the Bom Jesus Room and is 26 sq. m. in size. This meeting room may be set and arranged in both the U and conference style. The maximum capacity of this room receives up to 25 delegates. The Jardim Room may be used to plan cocktail venues as well.  

Both these rooms are decorated with the utmost class and taste in decoration and receive natural light. The ambience in these meeting venues are ideal for these purposes, and have the great benefit of being integrated within the pleasant area of the Bom Jesus Natural Park.

Also, leisure-corporate related banquets or conferences can be planned at the nearby Colunata Eventos building. Here, you will find three main rooms, the Casino Room, the Torre Room and the Colunata Room, with a large capacity to receive between 150 to 400 delegates. Also, various seating styles may be arranged, such as conference, classroom and U styles.


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