Restaurants and Bars at the Hotel do Parque

The spectacular traditional cuisine and congenial service demonstrated in the dining establishments suggested by the Hotel do Parque (located at the nearby Hotel do Templo) are sure to impress every guest.

A superb breakfast room can be found within the Hotel do Parque, an ideal setting for those who love to feel at home surrounded by a warm and comfortable environment. Serving guests a variety of options through a wonderful morning buffet, you will be sure to feel delighted with the offers this hotel has prepared for your morning pleasure.

A fine dining option is the Panoramic Restaurant set in the Hotel do Elevador, a neighbouring Bom Jesus hotel found just a step away. Granting you a gorgeous panoramic view of Braga’s unique city centre, this restaurant will make you a fan of this region’s rich dishes. Receiving up to 120 guests, the Panoramic Restaurant is a true example of the numerous cultural marks that have influenced this region’s cuisine through time.

If you haven’t heard of famous dishes such as duck rice, potato and cabbage broth and bread made from maize, you will discover these flavours at the Panoramic Restaurant. Also, grasp this opportunity to taste the Vinho Verde, the delicious wine this region is universally recognised for.  Aside from these incomparable meals, you can expect to be delighted with an absolutely breathtaking view of Braga’s incomparable town centre.

Within the Hotel do Parque, you may find an elegant and charming lobby bar. This bar is open until midnight and is the ideal place to lounge and spend some time socialising or reading while enjoying a great beverage.


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